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CEO / Instructor

Jessie Menocal Sr. is a Retired Law Enforcement officer with over 30 years of active law enforcement experience. He served as Chief of Police for 10 1/2 years years. Jessie has served as an active instructor for the Police Academy since 1987. He was instrumental in the development and implementation of the active shooter curriculum in the police academy and has taught active shooter classes to the private sector as well. Jessie has organized and hosted the SWAT Commanders meeting for various Federal, State and Local Agencies. He is a subject matter expert in firearms, defensive tactics and Tactical SWAT Operations and has organized numerous SWAT classes over the course of his career. He has extensive experience with multi-agency task forces and has partnered with various Law Enforcement agencies in joint operations. Jessie also teaches in the private sector offering several courses ranging from basic self-defense, firearms familiarization, gun safety and also trains security officers at various local hospitals over the past 9 years. Jessie has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He continues to train weekly to hone his skills and maintain a higher level of proficiency.


COO / Instructor

Jessie Menocal Jr. is an active Law Enforcement officer with one of the largest local law enforcement municipalities in Miami-Dade County. Jessie has over 12 years of experience in law enforcement. He is currently a patrol Sergeant, serving in this capacity since 2013. Jessie has also served as a SWAT operator and SWAT team leader. He is NRA and FDLE certified and has taught in the Police Academy since 2010. Jessie teaches private sector courses for self-defense, firearms familiarization, and gun safety. He has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and continues to pursue educational and training activities to stay abreast of current trends and practices.